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Friday, January 4, 2008

The way I like to start my day

The 2nd thing I do each morning is put water in my new cordless stainless steel tea kettle to and start it to boil. Put some StarBucks whole bean into my grinder and get it going. Ahh the wonderful smell of fresh ground coffee. I then unlock my computer and say morn'n on IM while the water heats. What I like about this kettle is that it turns off automatically when the water boils. I got it last weekend after being summoned back into the kitchen by the screech of the on the burner stove top kettle. The new one is a cordless one - the cord stays with the base when you lift the kettle to pour. Heats 1.5 liters ~4 minutes. I saw this type of kettle when I visited the UK and was invited to spend the weekend with the IBMer I was working with. Real treat to spend time with Bob and his wife Julie in Wales on my trips over. I really messed up my trip over last year and didn't get to stay over a weekend.

Anyway I pour some of the hot water into the glass pot to rinse it. The pot is on the right with a metal cage and black handle already made in this picture. The rinse also help preheat the glass becasue I like mine hot. I pour that water out and dump the grounds in and fill the pot to the top of the band and stir with a plastic spoon. Then I put the press in and secure it, but I don't plunge for a few minutes - you can't hurry good things. I think the instructions say wait 4 minutes. I like to wait a bit longer since I like it strong. When the time is right I plunge and then pour a nice full steaming hot tasty cup . Ahhhhhh that first sip. Almost nothing beats it. It was way hard this morning to take that a picture instead of drink my fill first.

If you like to enjoy it in the morning like I do you can go to Bodum and check them out. Being single I have the liter size (8 cup) which is plenty. But if you are going to share this morning pleasure with someone consider the 1.5 liter 12 cup press pot so that it lasts a lot longer.

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Maryann Goldman said...

My perfect coffee counter picture has a high powered blender (think LL), a bottle of Island Oasis ice cream mix premixed with espresso, and a huge pump of Hershey's chocolate syrup on it;-) It may not be the conventional way to start one's day, but I like it! Best I only buy those drinks out, though, otherwise I couldn't stop at just one.