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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sunset of the First Day

My Favorite Local Sunset Well today started with the alarm going off and getting me out of bed. A boo-boo on my part made yesterday since I had to go to the office and forgot to turn off the alarm. A boo-boo I'll not make tomorrow!

I made coffee using my Christmas presents from Wally and Carol- a Press coffee pot - I checked my e-mail and IM folks as I took my 1st sips... Gees that sounds just like what I did when I was working! Just the coffee was way better! Gale my sister called to wish me a Happy New Year.

Maryann IM me and shared Ground Control to Major Mom blog which motivated me to create this blog. I had actually thought about creating a blog already, so Maryann's message prompted me to take action. Hopefully I'll use this as a form of personal accountability to keep busy and share the things I do. As I IM to Mark a buddy of mine in New Zealand a few minutes ago, if nothing else the blog can be used by others as a sleep aid, or for a quick break from the work place grind .

I did my run and finished about sunset. I had intended to take a picture of today's sunset, but it was a cloudless sky and very bright so today's sunset wasn't special. Which is actually good because it gives me a chance to share my favorite sunset picture. It was taken in Willow Springs early last month by Maryann. She really got the composition dead on. The tree and branches in the foreground framing the beautiful colored sunset. The clouds leading the eye into the horizon.

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