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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Life after IBM offically starts today

Well yesterday I went into the office for the last time. The office was pretty much empty as you would expect for New Year's eve. I thought of it as the eve of starting my life, long delayed. My manager, Steve, took me out to lunch. We really had good meal, and a even better conversation. Steve is good at managing projects, but because he cares he's a good people guy too.
I signed the retirement papers at the restaurant, so when we returned to the office it was just a matter of turning in the badge that I proudly carried for nearly 31 years, shaking hands, and wishes each other well. Steve took this picture as I waved good bye with my retirement hat on, and a smile on my face. IBM was good to me all those years, and I'll always say with pride that I'm an IBMer.

I got home an went for a jog, and watched the DVR game of Alabama beating Colorado. I didn't get to watch it Sunday since I was up all night finishing work. New Year's Eve I was a bit down, but I got a Happy New Year IM just after midnight and when off to bed looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life.

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Major Mom said...

Hi Bamaboydon,

The answers to your questions:

- Yes, that's Creamery Ice Cream!
- Yes, that's my Zack Mills jersey from the 2004 football season

My father still talks to me about that game. He's also big PSU fan.

I haven't started on my PSU-related blog yet. Thankfully they beat TAMU in the Alamo Bowl last wasn't promising at first...

Major Mom