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Monday, January 7, 2008

Just get me to the Park on time....

A busy day today. Up at 9 and headed to RTP (Research Triangle Park) at about 10:40 for an 11:30 lunch. Commute to RTP is 65 minutes in traffic, 50 minutes in good traffic and just under 45 if the traffic is light which it was today. Only one snag – I needed to make a stop on the way to the park. That caused me to go through New Hill which is about 5 miles out of the way. Well as Karen will tell you I picked her up 5 minutes early for lunch. Let’s just say that xB starts to really purr above 4K RPM and in 5th gear. The purr changes to a buzz north of 5K RPM, but buzz and all - it got me to the park on time. The buzz was pretty loud – So loud that I didn’t hear my mobile phone ring. But talking on the phone at that speed even in light traffic is not something I would do after missing an exit in Chicago a few years ago. Hurrying to catch a flight, unfamiliar road, lots of traffic, and me talking on the cell phone is one of those ‘life lessons’ that I am thankful to still be here you share with you now and I’m happy to say I learned the lesson the first time. No repeat lesson needed. So you all please learn from me. Talking on a cell phone is not safe at speed (feel free to change that to any speed if you want).

Karen met me in front of my former office building and she had a package for me – pair of noise canceling head phones I got as a ‘Thanks’ award from Bobby. They didn’t get delivered before I left, but I had Karen my neighbor on the office cul-de-sac watching for the package. She also let me know the visiting 2nd line from Italy has settled into my old office while he’s here. We had a great lunch and as usual mine was good, but Karen’s looked way better. Good manners prevented me from asking for a taste this time. Next time we go to lunch I’ll use that “hey would you like to try mine” so out of politeness she'll offer me some of hers! hehehe - I’ve never been slow when of comes to eating.

I went by Wally’s house after lunch to showed him the headphones. Wally is the expert on them. He has several pair. Out of politeness Wally didn't tell me what he thought of mine. I also know Wally well enough to know he wouldn't fall for that "Hey, you try mine and I'll keep yours" trick - I've only been able to get one thing by Wally in the 15 years I've known him - and I have to say - when I did get something by him I didn't even know I did it until HE explained it to me. Sort of takes all the fun out of it when you didn't even know you won. Anyway, I actually have a pair of the 1st generation Bose noise canceling headphones. They are broken, and I’ve been meaning to send then in for repair for about 3 years. Never found the time. Note to self: Send headphones in for repair.

I stopped by the new super Wal-Mart in Holly Springs on the way home. I bought stuff for the house and a replacement UPS for the still underway relocate of the home office. I just shoved the stuff I piled up on the bed into two boxes. One box is what I will keep and use in the new location. The other (much larger box) is what will go to the next electronics recycling drive. I might try to sell some of it on eBay. I’ve bought stuff off of eBay, but I’ve never sold anything.

I upped my average pages per night. I’m through the 2nd chapter. Bobby, whom I assume will be the main character throughout the book, and Ted are going to try and put one over on Bobby’s mom. My guess is that is going to get Bobby into trouble. What do you Moms out there think? Your sons ever successfully put one over on you? hehehe

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Mark said...

Hi Don,
Well having returned to New Zealand after 25 years away, there are three things that really stand out; 1) the amount of alcohol in the supermarkets; 2) the cost for a small cup of coffee ($3.50 NZD); 3) the proliferation and use of cell phones (almost to the point where they are born with them stuck in their hands.

Which brings me to your point of talking on the cell phone while driving. If you think that is dangerous, which it is, it would appear that texting while driving is an all too common occurrence down here.

So, if you decide to drive on the roads down here, not only do you need to be careful about the side of the road you drive (opposite side to the US, just like the UK), but also need to aware that the driver coming toward or overtaking you may be texting on their cell phone.

This gives me a renewed respect for the cell phone use and driving laws back in New York.