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Sunday, January 6, 2008

65 it not so fine...

I was up at 8am today after making it all the way to page 41 in my book. If I keep up this double digit rate I’ll be done in another 60 nights. I read 2 books last year. Dan Brown’s “Digital Fortress” and “Wins, Losses, and Lessons: An Autobiography” of Lou Holtz. Lou’s book I can recommend even if you are not a football fan. I thought it was well worth reading and it would be good for teenagers to read. So I gave it to Chris. Now you know why I get that 'look' from anyone under 20. Dan’s book, well he’s done better.

No e-mail or IMs or new blog activity to enjoy with my coffee. I was feeling a bit blue for some reason, so I decided to start on the office relocate while it warmed up outside. I got it mostly dismantled. As the morning wore on I really started not feeling well so I took a break. While on my break Bob is on his way to Tennessee to do some work. He IM me and with his help I got Yahoo Messenger set up and we exchanged pictures and used Yahoo Voice and talked until he needed to pack. I invited Bob over, but this is a quick trip and he goes home Friday. Getting over to see Bob, Julie, and see his granddaughter in the UK is on the list for this summer.

I could tell today was not my day when I went for my run and the only female jogger in the park was bundled in full sweats even though it was 65 degrees. San Diego is the late game so there is still hope for seeing some skin today. Oh right. It’s raining in San Diego – just my luck. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70. Surely full sweats won’t be needed.

A 65 degree day in January is too nice to stay inside so after my run I cleaned up the xB. I then took some pictures of it and the GMC.

David is down under in Sydney IM me on Yahoo when I got back inside. So now I have dots for NZ (Thanks Mark and Toni) and Australia on my tracking map. No dot in the UK. Maybe when Bob gets back it’ll show up. FotoMom would like a visit from you all outside the USA please.

I’ve just seen the Giants beat Tampa Bay and Titans verses Chargers is on now. I had the DVR record them. I’ll have to do a bit more on the office relocate before bed time. I guess I could just sleep in the recliner…

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Maryann Goldman said...

Don, I can really relate to the bed covered in 'crap'. There were several times over the holidays when my bed had packages or presents or Christmas decorations on their way to/from the attic on it. A few nights the love seat in the family room looked more inviting than figuring out how to clean the darn bed off so I could sleep. But, I did it. You can too...