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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Been awhile since I blogged. I can't believe it's almost May. Not a lot going on with me. I put a Bluebrid box up and I'm happy to say it attacked a nice pair of Bluebirds. Here is the male:

Handsome fellow I say. He has a cute mate. Here she is checking out the box. The box has a hinged front to allow easy monitoring.

Bluebirds will not abandon there nest and will put up with some human interference, so I took a picture of the nest. I was very pleased to find 4 pale blue eggs. 4-7 is normal.

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I look forward to hearing the chirps of baby Bluebirds in a couple weeks! Hopefully I'll keep you all posted.

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Major Mom said...

Very cool -- I havent' blogged about it yet, but I'm slowly-but-surely getting some bird action here, although I have to think outside the box about what kinds of birds we have in the Central U.S. as opposed to the Mid-Atlantic, where I've been pretty well-versed my whole life.

I have some photos from this week here:

Mostly house and field sparrows and I think there's a black-and-white warbler trying to make his way towards one of my four feeders. We have 3 enormous locust trees in our backyard that should serve as good cover in a couple weeks. Spring is about a month behind you guys....