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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Plug and Drive

Well I did it. I bought an EV - the truck I drove back on June 24th. Sammy and his wife dropped the truck off after work. I got the title transfered and a new tag earlier today. So far I've driven it into the garage! I got the computer booted and looked at the SOC (state of charge), pack voltage, etc. I decided not to recharge it tonight. Lighting and lights blinking. I'll let the bad weather clear up and charge it in the AM. Sammy suggested that I charge it while I'm home so I can keep an eye on it until I get used to it.

Click the picture to see the ones I took of my truck. More to come. I need to wash and give it a cleaning before I take the glamour shots.

1 comment:

Dr. Dave Vollmer said...

This is Patricia, posing as Dr. Dave.

Uber cool! I'll have to tell Dave, he'll be jealous!

We're leaving in about 10 days, but let me tell you how glad I was to get to meet you in person in May!

We'll keep in touch!