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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two cute 20 year olds together add up to one Maryann

Rick e-mail me an invite this week to a surprise birthday party for Maryann at 11am today. I was a little late so I missed the actual surprise part, but still got to have lots of fun and enjoy all the good eats Rick had. Patricia (aka Major Mom) did the cake and really did a wonderful job. She downloaded pictures of Maryann as a little girl and had them printed in edible form. As you can see she did a great job. I thought Patricia placing the pictures on the cake to form a film strip was very creative and a really neat way of decorating it. Maryann was emotional at seeing such a beautiful cake made just for her special day. Click the cake to see the the rest of the pictures I took today.

I wrapped the thumb drive I got Maryann in wrapping paper that I assembled from a old day at a time dog calendar. I also made the paper bow for her present using the instructions I found here. The paper bow was a hit and several folks ask me how I made it. It was fun and easy. If you have a paper cutter it would make cutting the paper into 1 inch wide strips a snap. I just used scissors. I suspect an razor knife would work well. If you use paper only printed on one side like I did I recommend not alternating the sides (A and B). I just used hot glue, but if kids are doing this use some other adhesive.


Major Mom said...

[Blush] Thanks for the kind words. I think that's the least-ameteurish cake I've made to date and I'm glad it came out so well for a great friend!

It was awesome to finally meet you! Just in time for us to move to Nebraska...

Doesn't it always happen that way?

Don Miller said...
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Don Miller said...

It was really nice meeting you, Dave, Jacob, and Timmy today. I've been meaning to meet you all, so today was really good timing. The good thing about the blogsphere is we can still keep up with the going on. The bad thing is that I won't be getting to enjoy tasting anymore of you CAKES! I sure I had a piece right now!