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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don's shared items

I can't believe it's been another week. Being retired is really hard work. I can't seem to find time to blog. I've still been running most every day and I am getting plenty of exercise. It's been near perfect weather here in North Carolina and the spring flowers have sprung as you can see from the picture I took while at Lake Crabtree Park.

Some of my time has been taken up reading blogs. I added a Don's shared items to my blog. It should be on the upper left. I'm really into EVs (Electric Vehicles) right now. The RSS feeds and Google reader let's me send links to that area with one click. You can just check my blog and see the shared items, or if you use a reader you add a feed . If you are really old school you can go to this url and bookmark it (add it to your favorites). I'll try to only put stuff there that is interesting, but I admit it will be techie stuff.

Well the book. I'm still plugging along but I have to tell you I'm over half way now and it is still boring. Mr King just spend 6 FULL chapters on college kids playing Heart's for 5 cents a point in 1966. Please just shoot me. Was college in 1966 that boring? Where is all the peace and love and "good stuff" that was suppose to be happening in colleges in 1966? I mean I was playing cards in 1966 but I was only 9!

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Major Mom said...

Gas up the street just jumped up to $3.29/gallon. Might have to run some numbers and see if driving Dave to/from work (12 miles each way) and then trucking around w/ the kids in our Prius would be more cost effective. Spent more than $50 to fill our Odyssey for the first time this past weekend.