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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where I run

Well I can see that I'm going to have to create a to do list. I keep getting distracted and side tracked. I don't mind though. I have lots of time. It was a nice mid 50s degree day. Gray sky however. I went out for my jog about 2:30. I enter the park from the far right on the map below. I come down Wagstaff Road (black on map) and enter at the first trail (yellow) before Kenneth Branch (blue). I run along Kenneth Branch until I reach the main area of trails and then cross the branch and run along the outside perimeter then cross back over the branch and run out the way I came in. That picture of me next to the park sign was taken by Gene today. He and Sandy his wife and their two boys I often see walking in the park as I run.

We had a severe drought here in North Carolina but Kenneth Branch never stopped flowing. It slowed to a trickle during the worst of the drought when we went weeks without any rain. After a heavy rain it will overflow its banks and flood that area. The branch is at the bottom of a valley and the trails wind up and along the hills on both sides.
Besides running I do inclined push ups and squats as I cross over the various springs that feed Kenneth Branch. The rails on the bridges over the springs make a good support for the inclined push ups and provide steadying support for the squats. I added a new exercise starting yesterday. I added three sets of 12 reps of Triceps Dips with Straight Legs . They fit nicely into my run since there are benches along the trails I can use.

Well I'm through the 1st chapter in the book I started a few posts back. I don't remember the title, but I've had distractions. My pages per night rate has dropped to under 10. JB let me know he picked up that book somewhere and realized he already read it so left it for me. I've not read enough to know what it's about. I should be able to know that by 4th of July.

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